Dr. Amir Moldovan, M.D., FACR, CCD

Dr. Moldovan is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. He also holds certification as a Certified Clinical Densitometrist, which further qualifies him as an osteoporosis specialist. He graduated from the University of California at San Diego and then from New York Medical College. His Internal Medicine residency was at Beth Israel Medical Center, and his Rheumatology fellowship was at the University of Pennsylvania.

Before opening Rheumatology Associates of Southern California, Dr. Moldovan was practicing near Austin, Texas for six years. He had a full practice and functioned as the only rheumatologist in a large multi-specialty group. Through his office, he also ran a complete infusion center. Ultimately, he is a Los Angeles native and felt it was time to return home. He is excited to once again be surrounded by his friends and family and thrilled that he doesn’t have to root for the Lakers in secret any longer. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, hiking, and running with his wife and dog.

Rheumatology Associates of Southern California

The mission of Rheumatology Associates of Southern California is to efficiently, thoroughly, and ethically promote the health and well-being of the local population. The patient will be a proactive partner in the medical team as we navigate their medical issues together focusing on the latest evidenced based medicine. The practice is committed to providing a level of excellence and accessibility that will result in a long lasting and compassionate physician-patient relationship.

The philosophy of the office is to be flexible and prepared for the future. This can only occur if we stay focused on listening to our patients’ needs, communicating effectively to the patient and other physicians, and staying up to date with the latest research and medical breakthroughs. We have implemented an advanced Electronic Health Record system that will integrate all parts of the practice and ultimately save on time, reduce any potential for errors, and allow for more face to face time between the provider and the patients.

When the physician visits with a patient, his focus is always twofold: first, to treat and eliminate the current problem, but secondly, to take a step back and think about how we prevent this from happening again. Preventative medicine to avoid serious disease complications is at the forefront of Dr. Moldovan’s approach to each patient. A collaborative effort between the patient and physician is extremely important, and all efforts will be made to always thoroughly explain a disease process and its treatment options to the patient.

Dr. Moldovan wants his patients to be educated about their bodies and the therapies they undergo, but he will always guide them through the decision making process. Also, the physician will always respect the patient’s right to ultimately select a treatment option. Dr. Moldovan understands that fear and uncertainty often coexist with illness, and he is committed to do his utmost to not only provide the finest medical care but also to make himself available to support his patients through their more difficult times.

AARA Doctor Moldovan

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Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology