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AARA physicians and our affiliates are empowered to optimize the delivery of Rheumatologic care and believe an educated and empowered patient is essential for quality care. We never stop searching for and providing personalized and innovative therapies to heal the whole person, improve quality of life and restore hope.

To be recognized and trusted by people living with inflammatory, musculoskeletal and autoimmune diseases as the premier destination for healing and hope.
In March, 2013, the medical landscape for patient and physicians had drastically changed and Dr. Howard Busch believed the time was prudent to reconvene a talented group of thought leader physicians from Florida to help address the rising frustrations with the administrative burden imposed on their practices to deliver quality health care to their patients. So with a little momentum, hard work and an enormous amount of fortitude and tenacity began developing the vision of a physician and patient centric specialty practice model. This steering committee and volunteers evolved into our formal company. AARA is physician controlled, owned and managed with a leadership board and active working committees. The power that comes from a family of rheumatologists working together to advance quality patient care has allowed us to now lead the specialty profession with America’s largest Super group helping patients achieve quality outcomes through the use of common clinical pathways, approaching the uniqueness of every patient journey to collect relevant clinical data in our customized technology platform. We also possess the power to serve our patients better by integrating the financial elements of care that have become more critical to patient preference and outcomes.
You, your healing and remission are the center of our minds and actions every day. We rally our care team around you, delivering compassionate and integrative care for your body, mind and spirit. We offer comprehensive information, powerful and complete treatment options, all based on your needs. We honor your struggles, respect your preferences, and share your journey of healing and hope.


We believe that each patient’s care needs are as unique as their finger print.

While every physician strives for excellence, we have the advantage of joining together to reimagine rheumatology from the ground up. We have the talent, resources, and passion to do it right. We will work with our patients to constantly strive to keep their disease from being out of control and damaging them. We will work with you to help your present suffering, and also to prevent future difficulty in living an independent life that would be a much greater burden on you, your insurance company, and our country. We will use new technology to help us make progress against your disease, and we will make changes in your treatments if you are not improving to prevent wasting your time and money. We have the resources of talented leaders and executives that will help us achieve and maintain excellence.