The formation of AARA has been instrumental in ensuring the viability of Rheumatology private practice. Physician controlled, managed and owned has provided numerous advantages being a part of the group that were not present as an independent private practice. The independent practice model is becoming extinct and being part of a single-specialty group is the best option to address the ever changing landscape. Our unique structure allows us you to run your daily operations with very little interference and autonomy desired to deliver quality patient care.

Our growing single-specialty group delivers a reduction in overhead, unique group purchasing options, new diversification strategies to meet the changing needs of patients and financial stability to remain viable in the community you serve. Our growing group of physicians continues to attract thought-leaders who represent our Rheumatology profession at the National, State and local level.

If you are interested providing quality care, aspire to advocate and advance the specialty and want to be part of the winning team, we welcome you to learn more about the American Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates (AARA).